We provide design and develop video surveillance solutions tailored to your needs, including smart solutions.

CCTV & Video

CCTV technology has evolved exponentially—from simple video footage monitoring to today’s intelligent systems that can identify abnormal events or behavior. As intelligence increases in CCTV systems, so do technology applications. Surveillance technology can now be used to observe consumer behavior, to help organizations increase their revenue and profitability, and to monitor retail environments to reduce shrinkage.

Video feeds from surveillance cameras can be monitored from remote sites. Additionally, the feeds can be transmitted across the Internet to locations outside the business. The feeds can also be viewed upon multiple displays or devices simultaneously. We provide turnkey solutions when it comes to surveillance solutions and our in-house experts provide complete assessment

Key Benefits
Prevent Theft and Illicit activities
Protect Employees
Maintain Records and back up of events
Aid local authorities
Receive Email alerts when motion is detected after office hours